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Family Medical Practice

Pyramid Health Center has served the communities of Sparks and Reno since 1992.  We are a privately owned clinic that strives to provide the best possible care for our patient’s and their families. We have had the privilege to care for three generations of patients. We consider this a special honor, especially when the world is changing so rapidly around us.

We believe that the best health care involves a partnership between the individual patient and their health care provider.  This means that a patient who is committed to their personal health care will partner with us to help guide the best possible care for any given patient. We take the time to listen to your voice, to understand your concerns, and to join with you in making appropriate health care decisions.

We are committed as a team to meet the needs and expectations of our patients in a professional, ethical, and timely manner.

Dr. Melissa Miller

Dr. Melissa Miller, DO ABFM

I joined Pyramid Health Center in 1994 after completing my Family Practice Residency here in Reno at the UNR Family Medicine Program in 1993.

I love living and working in the Reno area.  I have been with Pyramid Health Center so long that I often slip and refer to the office as “home”.  Patient care is very important to us.  Beth Seibert APRN, Jen Unruh APRN and I work very well together.  We make a great team.

On a personal note, I knew I wanted to be a doctor since I was in fourth grade.  There is no other work that I would rather do.  I have a wide range of interests that occupy my life outside of work.  My son and I go bowling, hiking, rock hounding, cycling and swimming as often as we can.

I strongly believe that it is not only important to encourage my patients to live a healthy life style, it is also important for me to live a healthy life myself as well.  I look forward to meeting you if you choose to join us at Pyramid Health Center.

Beth Seibert, MSN APRN

Beth Seibert began her healthcare career as a candy striper at the age of twelve in her Pennsylvania hometown.

In 1979 she moved to Reno with her family and completed high school after her junior year.  The following year, while attending the University of Nevada, Reno she worked as a nursing assistant at St. Mary’s Hospital and volunteered with a local hospice.

After completing undergraduate degrees in both education and nursing, she began working as a staff nurse in a variety of settings including critical care and the operating room.  While completing a Master’s Degree in Nursing, Beth volunteered as a SART nurse (performed forensic medical examinations on sexual assault victims). She became a Nurse Practitioner in 2001.

The following year she earned her national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Since 2001, she has been working in private medical practices and mentoring nurse practitioner students.

Jennifer Unruh, MSN APRN

Jen Unruh is a Family Nurse Practitioner, board-certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and licensed by the state of Nevada to provide individualized healthcare to patients of all ages.  Jen began her career in health care in 2000 working her way from a certified nurse assistant to Registered Nurse to Nurse Practitioner. She graduated at the top of her class from Idaho State University with a Master of Science in Nursing with a family focus.

Jen believes in a holistic approach to patient care understanding that patients are more than the problem they have but rather a physical, spiritual, and emotion person . She seeks to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of each patient by taking the time to understand his or her individual needs. This approach allows Jen to develop a relationship with her patients built on trust and understanding with a confidence that their needs were heard. She strives to empower and educate patients to take an active role in their personal health and she is extremely passionate about advocating for the best interest of each patient.

Jen enjoys her patients of all ages and sees the majority of our pediatric population. She is an advocate for breastfeeding but understands some mothers may elect to formula feed. She firmly believes in well child checks for children of all ages (Birth to 17). She enjoys educating parents on what to expect and how to deal with common issues. She offers a relaxed and caring environment to address any questions or concerns about a child.

Outside of the office Jen most enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children.

Specializes in Endocrinology

Patricia McDonald, APRN

Specializes in Endocrinology